Lucky Draw Prizes


We celebrating Anniversary, stand a chance to win for exclusive branded luxury gifts with every daily accumulated deposits of RM1000 now!

The big prizes BMW 320i M Sport is waiting to be won!

一起庆祝周年纪念,现在每天累积充值 RM1,000 就有机会赢取品牌豪华礼品!

BMW 320i M Sport 大奖等你赢取!

Grand Prize


Second Prize


Third Prize


Consolation Prize


BMW 320i M Sport

1 Unit

Rolex Submariner

1 Unit

Rolex Yacht-Master

1 Unit

Macbook Pro 16"

1 Unit

iPhone 12 Pro Max

4 Units

Terms and Conditions

  • These terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) shall apply to the 2021 “SpeedBet33 Anniversary Lucky Draw” organised by SpeedBet33 Entertainment Limited (“SpeedBet33”).
  • By registering or taking part in this Lucky Draw, you agree to be bound by these Lucky Draw Terms and Conditions and the decisions of SpeedBet33 in relation to and in connection with this Lucky Draw.

Qualifying Period

  • The Lucky Draw is from 0000 hrs, 8 August 2021 to 0000 hrs, 8 October 2021 (both dates inclusive) (“Lucky Draw Period”).
  • SpeedBet33 reserves the right to change the Lucky Draw Period.


  • 这些条款和条件(“条款和条件”)适用于SpeedBet33 Entertainment Limited(“SpeedBet33”)举办的2021年“SpeedBet33周年幸运抽奖”。
  • 注册或参加本次幸运抽奖,即表示您同意受这些幸运抽奖条款和条件以及SpeedBet33与本次幸运抽奖相关的决定的约束。


  • 幸运抽奖时间为2021年8月8日零时至2021年10月8日零时(包括首尾两天)(“幸运抽奖期”)。
  • SpeedBet33 保留更改幸运抽奖时间的权利。